Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrisoare catre reprezentanti ai comisiei europene privind dezinformarea din presa romaneasca

24 September 2009

Kathryn Robertson and Maria José Louro, press contacts
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction,

Andreas Accardo, press contact
European Union Fundamental Rights Agency,

N. Peter Kramer, secretary-general
Association of European Journalists,
Oana Enachescu, romanian contact of AEJ,
Association of European Journalists,

Andrei Ionita, romanian representative
European Youth Press.

Subject: A threating practice of disinformation and misguidance in the romanian press.

Dear distinguished representatives of the European Union and the mentioned institutions,

I am writing you in behalf of many people who refuse to be influenced by the wrongful press releases in our society.

There is a BIG problem that we came across and that is, the disinformation of the romanian press with articles using intended misinterpretations and misguidances with subliminal and wrongful associations of facts that sometimes lack any scientific background whatsoever.
These mentioned facts are badly affecting the public opinion, not to mention the youth absorbing wrong cultural and social elements that brake evolve from these
As you might already know the press is a powerful and influential tool and you're probably asking yourself that this isn't something new in the media, but in Romania this current or practice reached a peak level and it's getting worse.

The latest disinformation and misguidance proof in the romanian press is related to the "desincrimination of marijuana consumption" discutions of the romanian government.

This is an english translation of an article written by a well known and prestigious newspaper in Romania.

The article written in romanian:

Questions regarding the misguidance and disinformation of the article, asked to the author of the article remained unanswered.

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